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Welcome to the Dances of Universal Peace!

In the 1960s, western Sufi teacher Samuel Lewis brought forth a spiritual practice he called the Dances of Universal Peace. Its purpose is to unite us in community beyond the distinctions and differences that often divide us. Today, the Dances of Universal Peace have spread throughout the globe, and over 700 dances have been added to Murshid Sam's 40 original dances.

We dance and sing together, usually in a circle. The songs and chants are based on sacred phrases from spiritual traditions from around the world. Movements are simple and can be adapted for people of varying physical abilities. No experience is necessary, as the dance leader teaches the words, melody, movement, and meaning for each dance.

The Dances often have a profound effect on participants -- feelings of expandedness and heart opening, a deeper sense of connection with oneself and others, a new understanding of spiritual teachings.

~ Dance Circles held on an occasional basis  ~
~  See News & Events page for details  ~
*To support those who are chemically sensitive,
please refrain from wearing fragrances.

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